The (unofficial) end of summer

When I was a kid, summers seemed to stretch on forever. Adult summers, not so much. Three months feels more like 30 seconds. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But you get my point.

Part of what made this summer so blink-of-the-eye fast is that I spent the first half of it on airplanes. In May, I traveled to New Orleans for the International Reading Association’s Annual Conference, where in addition to working my tush off I got to reconnect with old friends and eat my way across the Crescent City. A month later, I boarded another plane, this time with my husband, Joe. We flew to Chicago for a week’s vacation – one of those do-everything, see-everything trips that left us both more exhausted than before we left. Three weeks after that, I flew to Tampa for IRA’s Council Leadership Academy, where I got to talk to some devoted educators about communications and social media.

In between Trip 1 and Trip 2, I was reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates for not one, not two, but THREE positions on my team. I hustled and was able to make offers before I left for Chicago. The first of the new staffers arrived just prior to Trip 3, and the other two a week after that, so I spent a lot of July training and team building.

Which brings us to August, a month which started with my stepdaughter, S, spending a long weekend with us (her first!) and ended with Joe and me binge-watching Teen Wolf episodes, half-comatose on the couch. Because in between all of those big things there were a whole bunch of not-quite-as-big things: weekends of dog-sitting, (four! dogs! all at once!), weekends of gourmet cupcake baking, weekends of attempting/completing a variety of home improvement projects. Oh, and did I mention that I’m writing another book? ‘Cause I totally am.

What I haven’t been doing is blogging, but that’s about to change. There are too many things I want to talk about, too many stories I want to tell – including some about the things I did during this 30-second summer.

For now, I’m going to spend the rest of Labor Day weekend hunkering down with my husband, snuggling with our schnoodle Scout (a.k.a. The World’s Cutest Dog), and enjoying the final hours of a deliciously relaxing four-day weekend.