100 Things for Which I Am Grateful, Part 2.

I’m still feeling the gratitude! In addition to the 50 things I listed yesterday, I’m also grateful for:

51. My house (even though it needs some work, it’s served us well)

52. Heat

53. Hot water

54. Clean water

55. Air conditioning

56. Toilets

57. High-speed Internet

58. Being a woman

59. Being literate

60. Being a woman in a country that grants me the right to literacy

61. BOOKS (duh)

62. Photographs of my mom

63. Photographs of my childhood

64. The ocean

65. Airplanes

66. Anyone who will either drive you to or pick you up from the airport

67. Vacations

68. Best-friend birthday getaways

69. Puns

70. Joe’s kisses

71. Mornings when I can remember my dreams from the night before

72. Really good dreams, the kind you wish you could linger in longer

73. Uni-ball Vision fine point pens in black

74. Coupons

75. Free shipping

76. My savings account

77. My mad budgeting skills

78. Long skirts

79. The purple down-filled throw that keeps me warm in the living room

80. When the scale goes down

81. Twenty-plus years’ worth of music mixes (every single one of them deeply meaningful)

82. A cappella (and a ca-fellas)

83. My sense of humor

84. Times when Joe and I narrate our lives as if we were in a musical

85. Affordable season tickets to the DuPont Theatre

86. Restaurant Weeks in big cities

87. That the people at Soybean Asian Grille will always make me the pumpkin curry with chicken even when it’s not on the menu

88. Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs (and Pumpkins and Trees)

89. Philly soft pretzels

90. Whenever I find boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.99/lb.

91. Fireworks

92. My dog’s snorts (he’s got the best comic timing in the business!)

93. Caller ID

94. Shea butter (or, rather, my psoriatic skin is grateful for it)

95. Corrective eye wear

96. Every time Joe says, “I [bleep]ing love you, woman.”

97. How I feel after a good massage

98. Love

99. Second chances

100. New beginnings

[Read Part 1 (the first 50 things) here.]

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