When a bag of tea isn’t just a bag of tea…

I’ve been coming down with a cold for a while now, but it really started to set in Saturday night. Stuffy nose begat sore throat begat fun cough, intense enough that by yesterday afternoon, my chest started to hurt.

Well, this post-Thanksgiving Cold of Doom has officially ensnared my husband, who left work early yesterday with an achy head and raw throat. Today, both of us are riding the couch, pounding fluids and trying not to feel sorry for our infirm selves.

My tea choices are a little limited right now, and I’m too tired to keep drinking chamomile. So last night, when Joe heated up a kettle of water, I settled on Trader Joe’s Candy Cane tea, a seasonal variety that we stock up on every year. Randomly, I scanned the label and was appalled to find this:




In the tea bag itself.

Joe said, “Who puts sugar in tea?”

I said, “People do. But after it’s been brewed. Not before.”

I opted for 100% straight-up peppermint instead.

It makes me so sad how sneaky the sugar can be, even in a Trader Joe’s product.

Where will they stop? When will the madness end?


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