Goals vs. resolutions.

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions years ago. I’m just not the most resolute person. But I am someone who’s motivated by goals. So now, each January 1, I make a list of goals for the coming year. (Yes, I know that’s just semantics, but hey – whatever works.)

In an effort to keep myself accountable for this year’s goals, I figured now would be a good time to declare them publicly. So, here goes. In 2015, I will:

1. Beautify my home. This is an ongoing project with lots of little subgoals. I plan to repaint every room and install a new kitchen floor. The exterior needs to be power washed and the shed requires some repairs. I will continue to purge crap I don’t need and organize the stuff left behind. THIS WILL HAPPEN, PEOPLE. IT WILL.

2. Organize my virtual clutter. I have a lot of files. Word docs, photos, mp3s. Many of these files are in duplicate, triplicate, or quadruplicate. Basically, every time I get a new computer, my husband makes a backup of every single file. So right now, there is a 1T external drive that’s like an information hoarder’s daydream. I don’t have even a fraction of my music loaded into iTunes because I need to dedupe all of the extra copies. This needs to be the year I tame those files into submission.

3. Cut out the white stuff again (by February 1). Up until Cookiepalooza, which is what my best friend Wendy and I call our insane holiday baking marathon we do each year, I had been flour- and sugar-free for almost two months. While this sometimes made eating out more complicated than I would like, it was totally worth it. (Why the February 1 deadline? Well, Wendy and I take these fabulous birthday vacations together each year, usually around Martin Luther King Day. This year’s excursion to Washington D.C. will include visits to some of the best restaurants in that part of the fun we have is indulging our inner foodies in a completely hedonistic way.)

4. Blog 3-5 times a week. Here’s the thing: I really LIKE blogging. I do. The ONLY reason I don’t do it more frequently is that the posts I want to write tend to take me (on average) 2-3 hours to put together. That’s kind of a hefty commitment when I’m on deadline for a novel and in crazy crunch mode at my full-time job as well. But I felt really great when I was doing NaBloPoMo, so I will do what I have to in order to carve out the time.

5. Finish the new book. I almost didn’t add this one, because duh, of course I’m going to finish the new book. It’s under contract and everything. But, you know, writing novels while working a demanding full-time job takes a lot of time and energy. And when I do put this new book to bed, it’s going to feel incredible. So, yeah. Definitely on the list.

This is a relatively short list (for me). But, I’m thinking that it’s better to stay focused on a few important goals rather than try to tackle everything at once. And hey, once I knock one of these guys off, I could always add something else later.

What are your goals (or resolutions) for 2015?