Lara and Joe Deloza

Me & my hubby, Joe.

Hi, I’m Lara (rhymes with mascara). I used to write books for teenagers. Several years ago, I decided to retire. But then some people I like and respect convinced me that my decision may have been a wee bit premature.

So, in the spirit of “you don’t know until you try,” I’m sticking my metaphorical toe back in these (murky?) waters.

This is my story.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. What are some of your other books? I can’t wait to read “Winning,” but it’s not in my local library yet and I’m short on money right now! I haven’t been able to find any other titles under your name on B&N’s website or my library’s catalog!


    • Hi hi! I published four books under my maiden name, Lara M. Zeises: Bringing Up the Bones, Contents Under Pressure, Anyone But You, and The Sweet Life of Stella Madison. I’ve also published three under my pseudonym, Lola Douglas: True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, and You First. Your library should have at least one of those. 🙂


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